Ma Buddies really started years ago when I made a secret garden with my grandchildren.
We had so much fun together using our creativity and imagination to create a special place for fairies and gnomes a place where things grew that we could eat and surprises turned up in hidden places.

In 2014 I was studying and researching the importance of creative play for children and how it helped them to understand the world around them. I had also just finished learning about a child’s needs for such things as a special blanket or toy as a means of creating security and a feeling of safety.

My grandchildren had sent their favourite toys Ted and Owl to America with their Mum and Dad to keep them safe while travelling. They could use Owl and Ted as pillows on the plane and snuggle up with them under the blankets so they wouldn’t be scared at night.

This was the start of Ma Buddies our special toy that went with your everywhere. They would be easy to carry like a backpack, you could dress them up, sleep on them like a pillow, have their own blankets to snuggle up with, be able to hide things inside like iPads, colouring in books, snacks and drinks, they could use them to take their library books home in, or like puppets for plays and they would be soft and snuggly to go to bed with at night.

We wrote little stories about them, designed outfits for them and gave them names and personalities and things they liked and disliked. There was Jaffa the Giraffe, who was taller than all the other kids , Milly that like to be treated like a princess and get her nails painted. Lenny who was mean sometimes because he wanted the other kids to play with him and felt lonely and there was Cheeky who was mischievous like a Monkey.

It was only natural that Mama who was able to create a secret garden would bring to life a toy that had been created in our imaginations. There was no doubt that Jaffa ,Lenny, Cheeky, Ella, Milly and all their friends would have a big party celebration with friends to celebrate and have fun together.



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